Mayor Berke's Council for Women

Co-Chairs of the Council for Women

Dr. Carol B. Berz, Chattanooga City Council

Representative JoAnne Favors, Tennessee House of Representatives

"Women across our community should have their work valued equally, live safe from violence, and have equal opportunity to succeed. My Council for Women will advise how we can work together to close the gaps in opportunities, safety and policy and empower women in our community." - Mayor Andy Berke

The Council is made up of six subcommittees organized around broad categories


The Economic Opportunity (EO) Committee's mission is to improve the economic opportunity and status of women in Chattanooga. Our vision is that Chattanooga will be the City that sets the bar for true economic equality for women within five years. Economic self-sufficiency and autonomy are essential for true equality for women. Chattanooga has an opportunity to set an example for the rest of the nation. This Team’s work will seek to show the ways that investing in women will benefit families, employers, and our City.


The Education Committee challenges Chattanoogans to work together under the leadership of Mayor Andy Berke to effect lasting change that removes barriers for more girls and women to complete postsecondary education so they can become partners in our great city’s economic growth.


Our Healthcare Committee has identified a primary obstacle to improving the health status of women in Chattanooga: a lack of apparent connectivity between all local healthcare resources. The ability to track resources is critical both to make those resources more readily available but also to identify gaps that need to be addressed.



The History Committee’s mission is to 1) create and/or increase awareness of women’s role in the history of our city; 2) recognize the impact that specific women have had on Chattanooga’s development into a modern city, i.e. 1915-2015; and 3) design, commission, fund and install a visible reminder of the leadership Chattanooga women provided to Tennessee’s pivotal action in the passage of the 19th Amendment.


The Justice Committee is working on several issues that relate to justice for women as they navigate several very different aspects of our legal system. Our goal is to improve our legal system to address some inequities that women face. We have identified several specific areas to address; women, domestic violence, and eviction are among them.


The goal of the Leadership Committee is to promote women (and men who support them) as leaders within the City of Chattanooga. The group is focusing on three areas of work: Women in Leadership: Board and Commission Service; Women (and Men who Support Women’s Issues) in Political Office; and Education and Encouragement to Mentor Women Leaders. Along with these goals, we’ve also committed to making a ‘sea change’ in the City’s culture of communication between the sexes. Respect, truthful disclosure and support for those who are seeking to serve are all part of the group’s goals.

Below are the reports from the Mayor’s Council for Women and reflects months of hard work, research, and thoughtful dialogue. It is the intent of the leadership of the Council to share these documents with legislative and executive governmental bodies, as well as relevant community partners, to help create positive policy changes to advance the status of women and their families in Chattanooga and throughout the region.

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