Take the Pledge! Give $5 to feed 20 Chattanoogans

This all started with a Facebook message from a mother needing help for her family. She had gone to two organizations but could not secure a food voucher -- and her cupboards were bare. Through a partnership with the Chattanooga Area Food Bank, we got her an emergency food box.


But that’s not enough. On February 2, the City of Chattanooga purchased 250 extra food vouchers to help those in need.


There are a lot more moms out there in need. Please consider being a part of the solution by donating your time or money to the Chattanooga Area Food Bank. By giving just $5 below, you are supplying 20 meals to families who have fallen on hard times.  TOGETHER we can solve hunger.

Visit the Chattanooga Area Food Bank to learn more and get involved.