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Public art has played a key role in creating some of Chattanooga's great public spaces, revitalizing neighborhoods and connecting communities. In addition to managing a collection of over 100 permanent works, Public Art Chattanooga oversees a wide variety of temporary and permanent public art projects throughout the city. Projects include rotating sculpture exhibitions in public spaces, permanent commissions, art in neighborhoods throughout the city and temporary projects. The artwork selection process is modeled after those of public art programs around the country. All artists and artworks are selected through an open competition and committee review process. Great care is given to gather panelists who represent diverse areas of expertise and viewpoints so that artworks selected are artistically excellence, varied and relevant to the site.

The Blue Trees Chattanooga 2016-2017

The Blue Trees Chattanooga 2016-2017

February 7, 2017

“The Blue Trees” in Chattanooga! About “The Blue Trees” Artist: Konstantin Dimopoulos The Blue Trees is an environmental art installation that brings together environmental consciousness and social action. By bringing the community together to color trees throughout our city and our neighborhoods the artists transforms the way we view trees and our outdoor spaces ‑raising…

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