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  • Tell the Story of Your Event!

    Write the highlights of your activity you want the public and senior staff to see. A good highlight puts people there in the room with you, it helps them see why you did it and how it affects our community.

    Remember the 5 Ws:  who, what, when, where and why!

    Remember the audience is designed to move people to support the work & get involved. Be as descriptive as possible about who was at your event, what happened, and why. The more detailed you are the better job you'll do at motivating others to join. Make it great by including quotes from participants!

    CHECKLIST: Make sure you address each of these points in your story:
    WHO: talk about who was involved
    WHEN: talked about when it happened
    WHERE: included where it happened
    WHAT: couple sentences on what happened, decisions made, how people affected etc
    WHY: couple sentences on WHY it happened, why did we decide to do it
    OUTCOME: what was the result, how does it affect our community
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