2018 Open Data Report

We are happy to announce the release the 2018 Open Data Report. This report speaks to the City’s progress on the open data program and looks to the future on ensuring transparency and accessibility of public data online. Under an Executive Order issued in 2014, Mayor Andy Berke developed an open data policy and increased transparency in city government through the creation of an online portal.

Anyone can access the online portal, where data on reducing violence, growing the local economy, improving literacy, strengthening neighborhoods, and other community priorities, is readily available and continually refreshed. The Open Data Report reviews how Chattanoogans are using data available on the portal as well as future initiatives aimed at increasing transparency through access to new datasets and enhanced community engagement.

“The city is committed to empowering Chattanoogans with detailed high quality information about the issues affecting them and their community. ” said Tim Moreland, Director of Performance Management and Open Data. “The city’s open data program continues to see significant growth and if further matures into a well established community asset.”

Highlights from the 2018 Open Data Report By the Numbers:

  • 283 City & Community Dataset Available on the Portal
  • 2 Times Website Embeds Compared to 2017
  • 15% Fewer Views when  Compared to 2017

Key Findings of 2018

  • The public is more engaged with the open data portal on several metrics but overall views are down a bit.
  • Data is being leveraged for apps and software development across the community.
  • The City is working to better engage Chattanoogans around the city’s open data resources.

Key Changes for the Year Ahead

  • Community member sitting on the Open Data Advisory Group. (We now have two community members serving on the Open Data Advisory Group!)
  • Review and if needed updating of the existing open data executive order.
  • Update the City’s data inventory.
  • Hire our new Open Data Specialist.
  • Enhanced community outreach and engagement through training and expanded open data resources.

The City of Chattanooga will continue to look for ways to engage and empower Chattanoogans with its open data resources. 2018 is going to be another great year for open data in Chattanooga!