Constance Dean Carter

In Loving Memory of:

Mrs. Constance Dean Carter

Date of Passing: September 20, 2020

Age: 75

Hometown: Seattle, Memphis, but moved to Chattanooga in 2004

About Constance

What was your loved one's occupation? 
"Banking for 54 years (Union Planters, First Volunteer, and Millennium Bank)"

What did your loved one enjoy doing?
"Family, monthly lunches with her besties, shopping, making seasonal wreaths, flower arrangements, her dogs, reading her Bible, and taking notes."

Are there any particular books, movies, songs, or places that you associated with your loved one?
"The records of Nat King Cole in the early years of our 58 years of marriage. And Pam Tillis' Maybe it was Memphis as it took us back to our togetherness and our attraction for one another!"

Did your loved one have a favorite poem, quote, scripture, piece of advice? 
"Matthew 13:44-45"

Special Memories:
"The day she stuck an ice cream cone in my right ear for going to fast and not heeding her request to do so!"

"A true MENTOR to all that knew her in the banking world!"

Submitted by:
Robert L. Carter,