Constance Hudgins


In Loving Memory of:

Ms. Constance Hudgins

Date of Passing: June 2, 2020

Age: 69

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee

About Constance

What was your loved one's occupation? 
" She was a supervisor at Koch Food Poultry Plant."

What did your loved one enjoy doing?
"She enjoyed going to church, spending time with her family, going out to eat, and our trips to walmart." 

Did your loved one have a favorite poem, quote, scripture, piece of advice? 
"Her favorite scripture was Pslam 23." 

Special Memories:
"I used to ask my grandmother 'How do you work at that place? It stinks so bad.' She would reply and say 'Baby, I don't smell anything. I gots to make my dollars.' She was positive in every aspect."

"My grandmother was a God-fearing woman. And we, the family, know that God is too wise to make a mistake. So we find comfort in knowing that she is resting awaiting on her King. The Bibel said the dead in Christ shall rise first, so I find peace in knowing that she will rise again to meet her King. And his name is Jesus."

Submitted by:
Tenisha Sledge,