COVID-19 has been making its way through our City since early March and recently we’ve seen a surge within the Latinx community. Thanks to expanded free testing across Hamilton County, the Latinx community has done a great job of getting tested. However, recent data shows that there is still more work to do to slow down the spread of the virus within our city, including within our Latinx community, which currently accounts for more than half of all cases.  

The City of Chattanooga is excited to announce an ad contest to raise awareness and share information about preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Together, we’re inviting Chattanoogans to submit a video ad that the City of Chattanooga can use as a public service announcement (PSA), which will be shared across Hamilton County.

Contest Rules

  1. Ads must be in video format.
  2. Ads must be in Spanish.
  3. Ads should not exceed 30 seconds in duration.
  4. Ads will be divided into categories based on the following prevention techniques: 
    1. wearing a face mask; 
    2. proper hand-washing; and/or 
    3. safe social distancing. 
  5. All ads should incorporate the hashtag #JuntosContraCovid

The deadline for submissions is
5 PM, Friday, June 26.


After ads have been submitted, a working group of local Latinx community leaders will choose the Top 3 videos in each category. 

Once the finalists are chosen, online voting by the community will be held for five days to pick the winning videos. 

Three winners will be selected: 

  • the best ad for wearing face masks; 
  • the best ad for hand-washing; and 
  • the best ad for social distancing.

Winners from online voting will be announced on Friday, July 3. The City of Chattanooga will begin running the ads as public service announcements beginning July 6, 2020. 

Video Submission

In order to submit your video, please upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, or Facebook and paste the link in the form below.

PLEASE NOTE:  Make sure you have permission to use the images of any person appearing in your video. Videos with vulgar, derogatory, or inappropriate language, gestures, or images will automatically be disqualified.