Helen Jean Brown

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In Loving Memory of:

Helen Jean Brown

Date of Passing: January 11, 2021

Age: 85

Hometown: Chattanooga/Warner Robins 

About Helen

Special Memories:
Helen Brown was an amazing woman who spread infectious laughter and joy to anyone she met. We was a warm and loving wife, mom, nana, sister, aunt and friend. Some of our favorite memories are of her telling a joke … and as her laughter built up half way through the joke…. she would be laughing so hard she couldn’t finish the joke… but she had us all bursting with that laughter.

She was a woman of many talents, who could repair anything, cook, bake, sew, knit, crochet, create anything and it was always quality. Everyone loved her Divinity and expected a fresh batch each Christmas! She loved sending cards- letting people know she was thinking of them and that she loved them.. and best of all.. the funny cards that kept you laughing! She was a mother to everyone she met from the moment she met them and she had an intuition and a genuine spirit - always knowing the right thing to say , write or do. She loved hummingbirds, collecting things from garage sales, and beating people at games! Helen had a deep love for Jesus Christ, and she knew he loved her.

Her grandson Jason said “Smiles, laughter, joy, those are the things that I will always remember about Helen. Although she wasn’t related to me by blood, she surely loved me and took care of me like I was her own. Welcoming me, spoiling me with treats and toys, playing games with me, taking me on trips and shuttling me between other relatives and parents' homes during the summer, she was an important ingredient in my most joyous summer vacation memories. I didn’t get to see her often outside of the summers when I was a kid, but she was surely on my mind when we were apart. The fond memories of her and I driving in her car from Warner Robins to Tennessee talking about all kinds of things to pass the time, visiting Six Flags, just her and I ( I felt so special ), the birthday cakes she made for me when I was a kid, the hugs and love she brought to me, these will always be among the best of my Childhood memories. She was an inspiration of strength and vigilance, tackling the challenges of life with perseverance and a positive attitude. I learned so much from her and as a result, she will always be a part of me.”

As a sister, she was full of fun! Her and Ronald, her brother would send the same birthday card back and forth every year, scratching off the previous name each time! They loved to prank each other and they were thick as thieves. He would show up every single morning… without a knock.. straight through the door with some loud clatter, prank and always some old bread to feed the ducks.

She loved spending time with her nephew Clint (really like a son to her) and his wife and 4 boys. They loved it when she would come over to visit and they all thought it was funny when she brought some sweet potato casserole and had forgotten to put sugar in it. Her grand nephew looked over at his mom after one bite and she told him he better eat it. Helen took one bite and said, “oh my lord I forgot the sugar!” … She was always keeping everyone laughing…. They loved playing poker with her and enjoying her delicious cooking. She was always sending them cards writing in each one “your my favorite .. shhh don’t tell!” They thought she was the best!

As a mother she taught she always made my brother Clifford and me feel so special. She tried her best to teach us everything she knew. She made special cakes, dolls, even a cake shaped like a woman! She was devoted to us children and nieces and nephews - - sacrificing her time, resources to ensure they were loved, supported, and happy. In her words and actions she always put her family first above her own needs and comfort. She lost her son, husband and brother too early in life. She so loved her family.

In the words of her granddaughter, Brittany “As a grandmother, or Nana, as I called her she loved unconditionally. She was always there for me no matter what. She stayed up all night scratching my back and telling me stories, she was there to talk to me about anything that was bothering me or be a distraction when life got a little too rough. She always knew what to do. I remember one night she stayed up with me until four in the morning on the phone when I was feeling homesick in Dallas. She told me early love stories of her and Harvey and warned me diligently about the dangers of those “mean men out there”! She was fearless when it came to her grandchildren… Once when I was too young to be behind the wheel of any car, she let me drive hers right into a ditch! Laughing the whole time. She taught me the importance of love and joy, laughter and kindness- and most of all - the importance of a good game! She taught me penny poker camping in Helen GA, how to play bingo with 30 cards at a time, and how to beat all the Martha's she was friends with at cards! She built people up, reminding them of their beauty, greatness and worth. She touched so many lives and made so many better than how she found them…. She will be deeply missed, but we will forever remember her smile and her laughter!”

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