Henry Cook


In Loving Memory of:

Mr. Henry Cook

Date of Passing: September 11, 2020

Age: 74

Hometown: Chattanooga, Tennessee 

About Henry

What was your loved one's occupation? 

What did your loved one enjoy doing?
"My Pa enjoyed being with his loved ones, he loved fishing, going to the mountains, loved spending time with his wife of 57 years. (Who also had covid-19 survivor). He loved his dog Gracie. He loved reading the Bible and talking about God's word. He loved tinkering with lawnmowers."

Are there any particular books, movies, songs, or places that you associate with your loved one? 
"The Smoky Mountains"

Do you have any special memories you'd like to share about your loved one?
"Make sure you're right with the Lord."

Special Memories:
"My Pa was a great man. He was always there for ya. He had a heart of gold."

Submitted by:
Laura Howen,