Improve your data chops with the Chattanooga Data Academy

In an effort to increase data driven functions throughout the City, the Office of Performance Management and Open Data officially launched the Chattanooga Data Academy in the Spring of 2019.  The initial Data Academy offerings are modeled off of a similar academy started in Durham, NC as well as San Francisco, CA.  In an age where data is king, we must work as a City to empower all employees to drive insights from data available to create action aimed at breaking down barriers within the City.

The Data Academy builds off of existing tools at the City’s disposal and seeks to leverage data champions within City government to grow their data chops.  The initial offerings are centered around the open data platform as well as basic statistics.  Also, an important offering of the academy is teaching employees how to create effective visualizations.    

The Data Academy couples well with the Open Data program by utilizing the platform on which many common data sets are stored at  Those who have gone through the Chattanooga PEAK Academy training can utilize the Data Academy to better understand how they can measure the process changes they implement from the PEAK training.  The Office of Performance Management and Open Data consistently pushes for data driven solutions and practices within the City, and if YOU also want to learn more about empowering your work with data, please visit our Data Academy homepage, here.


In the future, we hope to offer more advanced offerings that begin to train the City of Chattanooga workforce to take on even more complex concepts such as predictive analytics and machine learning.  Please reachout to us at if there are specific classes you would like to see.