Featured 2020 MLKDOS Projects

Senior  Activity and Fun Day -Social activities help keep seniors mentally engaged, prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimers and optimize overall well-being.   Help staff a morning of games and activities and lunch for Senior Citizens in the Gateway and Mary Walker Towers


Raise Awareness of Gun Violence -  Everyone is talking about how gun violence is plaguing our community but few delve into its root and residual effects; the psychological, social and economic impacts on the witnesses, perpetrators, victims, families, and our local community.  Come hear from those populations and individuals directly impacted in hopes to generate gun violence prevention strategies that make sense for the Chattanooga community.


Build Garden Beds-  Bring your hammers and nails and be apart of creating, sustainable growth and fresh food, and beautifying open spaces by building raised garden beds just in time for spring planting. 


Beck Knob Cemetary Cleanup-  Great things are happening at Beck Knob!   Just within the past year, this historic African-American cemetery founded in the late 1800s has received attention from both the Team Tennessee Statewide Americorps Day and garnered visitors during the 3rd International Place Making Week Conference.  Come out and assist the Hurst United Methodist Church and community members’ efforts to restore, preserve and protect this valuable asset. Join us at one of the most popular MLKDOS projects!  


Pleasant Garden Cemetary- By Popular Demand! The Friends of Plesant Gardens Cemetary welcomes volunteers to assist them in their on-going efforts to clean-up and preserve this African American cemetery located on Missionary Ridge which is the resting place of Ed Johnson, the victim of a local 1906 lynching, and two of the Scottsboro Boys.  


“See Something, Do Something” -The City of Chattanooga launches “See Something Do Something” campaign. The program encourages residents to report suspicious or criminal activity to a designated private number or to local law enforcement.  We feel that every resident can assist by being the eyes and ears of their community. So if you see something, say something. We are asking volunteers to place door hangers on doors in targeted communities to start getting the word out.


Real ID:  What is it and Why?- The Real  ID Act of 2005 requires that by October 1, 2020, all persons must have a REAL ID license for accessing certain Federal buildings, entering nuclear facilities, and boarding commercial flights within the United States. Although you are not required to have a Real ID, it is important for you to know the limitations of not having one.  Be a part of a volunteer team to help educate citizens on this very important requirement. 


Black Women and Human Trafficking “The Invisible Population”- According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, of the estimated 613,000 people reported missing in the U.S. last year, about 60% were people of color. In fact, Estimates by the Black and Missing Foundation put the total number of disappeared black women and girls at 64,000.  This project is an educational, outreach and empowerment tool for women, girls or young male populations who want to learn how to protect themselves against predators. Organizations that serve any of these vulnerable populations are welcomed to participate.

“Check My Resume”-  Writing an effective resume is the most important task in the job search process so start the year off with a competitive edge by strengthening your resume!  Take advantage of the opportunity to have your resume reviewed by experienced local Human Resource Professionals from the City of Chattanooga’s Human Resources Department.  By the way, don’t forget to bring your resume!


If you would like to volunteer for any of these projects, please request it on the last portion of the Call for Volunteers form.  *There is no guarantee that you'll be placed on your on your selected project. Volunteers are placed based upon the number of participants needed.