Chattanooga is a city of safe, beautiful, connected neighborhoods where businesses and families can thrive.

The city’s focus in building stronger neighborhoods centers around three initiatives: The Neighborhood Reinvestment Fund is at the core of the city's focus on building stronger neighborhoods. The NRF builds on the distinctive strengths of Chattanooga’s neighborhoods by supporting projects included in the area plans that are adopted by the Chattanooga City Council, as well as needs identified by citizens, neighborhood associations, and city staff.

These needs may include infrastructure improvements such as completing sidewalks to make neighborhoods safer and easier for pedestrians or more streetlights to improve visibility and safety for residents and motorists. Similarly, parks, trails, and open spaces are important neighborhood assets but may become dangerous or unhealthy liabilities if they are not kept clean and safe. Other appropriate activities and results from the NRF may include:

  • Temporary, place-based interventions, such as right-sizing a road through striping and planters, cleaning a block or street, or creating pocket parks on vacant property.
  • Streetscape enhancements (street trees, on-street parking, sidewalks)
  • Public art installations
  • Block or street-wide cleanups
  • Park improvements
  • Bike facilities, traffic calming tactics, and multi-modal street improvements
  • Streetscaping, including adding on-street parking and burying utilities.
  • Neighborhood gateway improvements, such as public art, landscaping, and wayfinding signage.

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