Office of Performance Management and Open Data

Chattanooga Data Academy


The Chattanooga Data academy is a new program launched in the Spring of 2019.  We seek to empower City employees with knowledge on data driven tools and how to use those tools effectively in their work.


Current Data Academy Offerings

Leveraging the City's Open and Internal Data

Starting with the basics, our first course, Leveraging the City’s Open and Internal Data is geared towards teaching the basics of Searching For Data, Creating Datasets, and Creating Visualizations all within the city's new data platform. Our vendor, Socrata, also has free learnings available online for City employees, but this course offered is to help you get started.  Unlock the power of data we have available in your everyday work.


Crafting a Story Through Data

What defines a good data visualization?  This course will cover some basics of data visualizations using the City's internal data sharing platform as an example.  Topics include basics of information design, basics of data visualizations, choosing the right chart, and creating an effective dashboard. Leveraging the City's Open and Internal Data is a prerequisite to this course as we will be using the Socrata platform. 


Statistics On the Job

Starting with mathematical basics, our first dive into some basic math behind metrics is Statistics On the Job. The course seeks to train participants on the theory behind several common descriptive statistics. Topics will include statistical terminology, central tendency, examining distributions, and more! This course will lay the foundation for future advanced statistical courses. Participants should be comfortable with Google Sheets or Excel to complete the course. 

Once we receive enough interest in a course, we will work with those interested and space availability to offer the course as soon as possible.  This demand driven model allows us to make the most of employee's time and our own.

About the Office

The Office of Performance Management and Open Data was established by Mayor Andy Berke in 2015 to run the City's open data and performance management program. The city collects a lot of data during its day to day operation. This office seeks to make use of that data to provide greater transparency and better service delivery for Chattanoogans.

The mission of the office is "To drive citizen-focused and data driven solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the City's delivery of services."


Office of Performance Management and Open Data

Data Academy

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