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"To drive citizen-focused and data driven solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of City’s delivery of services." - OPMOD Mission


We are a small team of data driven individuals who are seeking to better the City of Chattanooga.  We understand the power of data in today's world, and we hope to push the City internally to maximize the immense amounts of data it has to the benefit of its constituents.  We utilize several methodologies to achieve our mission.  We runs several types of training aimed at front line employees as we understand our office itself cannot serve all data needs through City government.   We also push data top down data via departmental performance measures submitted by departments along with their request for funding each year. Ultimately, these programs are aimed at driving change and higher usage of data driven decision making tools within the City.

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ChattaData is a combination of our Open Data platform and a performance management tool that tracks, monitors, and makes public our efforts, holding us accountable and helping us achieve our goals.”


Open Data

ChattaData Open Data is a one stop repository for all City created data made available to the public.  The goal of providing data to the public is to increase transparency of City processes as well as increase data driven decision making within City government.  The City of Chattanooga has partnered with numerous agencies to point them to the right data they need on the Open Data portal to improve their delivery of services as well.


To begin searching through the data sets the City has made available, click here.  To learn more about our Open Data program, click here.



The ChattaData performance dashboard is the Chattanooga City Government’s performance management dashboard. Since the adoption of an open data program in 2014, Chattanooga’s government’s has tirelessly focused on bettering itself by taking data driven steps to improve how it handles many of the responsibilities and challenges set before it. The city government sets clearly defined, easily measured goals that challenge our governmental departments to become more efficient.


The ChattaData dashboard serves as landing page for where anyone can monitor the progress the city is making in accomplishing these goals. Constituents and outside observers alike can see what goals the government has set for itself and whether it is meeting those goals, with the most up to date numbers provided for the highest degree of accuracy possible. ChattaData is split into five different areas: Safer Streets, Growing Economy, Stronger Neighborhoods, Smarter Students & Stronger Families, and High Performing Governments. Each of these represents an area which Chattanooga is dedicated to improving itself through data driven performance management.


You can learn more about and track the progress of these goals at the ChattaData home page, found here.



Peak Academy
Data Academy

Office Blog

Climbing the Peak Engagement Ladder

June 14, 2017

This is our way of encouraging you to stay involved with the program post training session and keep sharpening your peak skills. The levels for the program are as follows: by completing the training you become a Peak Trainee, next by completing your first two A3s you can become a Peak Bright Spot, and finally by…

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Data Preview Night

June 6, 2017

Open Data Preview Night – Fire Incidents For a while now our office have been wondering how to engage folks when the city releases a new open dataset. Looking around at what works from other cities we noticed several have had success with data preview nights so we decided to give it a go. The…

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2016 Open Data Report: What a Year It Has Been!

June 6, 2017

The City of Chattanooga has released the 2016 Open Data Report, which reflects on the City’s progress and looks to the future on ensuring transparency and accessibility of public data online. Under an Executive Order issued in 2014, Mayor Andy Berke developed an open data policy and increased transparency in city government through creation of…

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