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“The Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) process builds the City of Chattanooga's budget from the ground up. BFO is designed to support transparency, accountability, and collaboration so that we can produce a budget that embodies our community values.”

The BFO process is an initiative that requires responsible spending. Before the fiscal year begins, departmental heads who wish to receive city funding must submit requests for funding, explaining how the money they are requesting will be put to use. In other words, governmental departments must be able to clearly articulate what they are spending taxpayer funds on, and what outcome they hope to generate with them. This promotes a greater degree of transparency and accountability, as both constituents and department heads alike know what is expected of that money.

The BFO process also allows for nonprofit agencies, who might not be able to otherwise survive, to receive government funding. Agencies are welcome to apply for government funding through BFO, although they too are required to submit a budget detailing what they plan to spend any money they may be awarded on. This encourages increased efficiency of government funding; as more capable agencies who can better use resources will be awarded funds.

You can learn more at the Budgeting for Outcomes home page, found here.

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Our Performance Management Department helps encourage better government in several ways. First, through ChattaData, a website dedicated to measuring government improvement towards its efficiency goals. Second, through the Budgeting for Outcomes (BFO) process, which sets goals for how much money we will spend and how close are to meeting those goals. And finally, Departmental Measures, which track how individual departments are performing towards their goals of serving citizens better.

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