Ruben D. Pechero, M.D.


In Loving Memory of:

Ruben D. Pechero, M.D.

Date of Passing: July 28, 2020

Age: 85

Hometown: McAllen, Texas

About Ruben

What was your loved one's occupation? 
"Above all else, he was a Christian. Secondly, an orthopedic surgeon."

What did your loved one enjoy doing?
"He continued seeing patients until the moment he got sick. He enjoyed caring for his patients and learning about the needs of others and figuring out how he could assist them in their struggles."

Are there any particular books, movies, songs, or places that you associate with your loved one?
"He came here from Argentina."

Special Memories:
"His passion was his family and education. He believe education was the passport to moving into the future while preparing us for today."

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Submitted by:
Mariella Pechero,