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Keeping a community safe takes a community working together on solutions. Learn about the Citizen Safety Coalition's working groups below and sign up to join a team!


Mentoring Team

Join the team working to recruit and organize community volunteers for weekly visits with the most at-risk youth in our schools struggling the most to keep their students on the right path.


Accountability Team

Explore ways the community can support those stepping up to violence by organizing support for witnesses from neighbors and community organizations, raising money & awareness for things like the Witness Support Fund


Support Team

Work to identify and recruit resources to support group members working to turn their lives around.

Outreach Team

Join the team that regularly visits known group members to remind them of the offer for support from the community - and to let them know while there are consequences for harming others; there is also support if they choose the right path.


Employer Recruitment Team

This team regularly reaches out to employers to recruit partners willing to give group members trying to turn their lives around a second chance.


Community Engagement Team

organize activities to bring community members together to learn how they can support making their community safer.


We had a custom notification with a family and we talked about ways we as a community could keep him out of trouble. We all expressed our passion to help him become a great person. CLient was very appreciative and positive as we conducted meeting.

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Actions to Take:


Print this flyer and distribute it to folks in your community (schools, churches, work, neighbors, clubs, and other community groups etc)

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