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Three Good Reasons For Two-Ways Streets

Chattanooga’s downtown streets are vital part of our transportation network, and they are also great places — for walking, enjoying Chattanooga’s natural beauty, and spending time with friends and family. Two-way conversions, like the recent changes to Lindsay St. and Houston St., are one tool CDOT uses to improve our streets and to further our mission to make safe, efficient transportation options available for all people while enhancing our great public spaces.

Therefore, we’re proud to present what we think are three pretty good reasons for two-way streets.

  1. Traffic gets calmer. Even small decreases in vehicular speed make for huge increases in safety. Two-way streets force cars to go slower, which makes streets safer for people who are walking, riding their bikes, or using wheelchairs — as well as other motorists. Also, most traffic conflicts happen at intersections. With calmer traffic and fewer intersections, two-way streets reduce the number and severity of accidents.
  2. Streets get busier. When traffic is calmer, pedestrians and cyclists feel safer enjoying the street. Plus, two-way streets increase visibility for businesses on both sides of the street. More people means more customers for local shops and businesses, without necessarily requiring more parking.
  3. Navigation is easier. For your everyday trips and especially for people visiting Chattanooga for the first time, two-way streets prevent confusing, redundant turns. That means you get an easier and faster trip to your destination.