Hiring Now! Director, Office of Workforce Development

Hiring now: Director, Office of Workforce Development The Office will guide strategy implementation, identify and execute opportunities for programmatic collaboration, lead united efforts to secure funding, and ensure all of the willing partners are working together to empower economic mobility. The Office will:
  • Convene primary stakeholders to build a coordinated strategy to help residents access and succeed in education and training programs leading to specific occupations in key industries.
  • Produce data-driven picture of the current state of workforce development and the needs
  • Serve as a project manager to execute programmatic collaborations

Job Skills Bus Tour

The Job Skills Bus Tour is a collaborative effort between the City of Chattanooga and the Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development. The state of Tennessee deploys their Mobile Career Coaches to city-owned Youth & Family Development Centers for easier access for community members. The Mobile Career Coaches are buses equipped with computers, internet access, and a printer, and staffed by a Career Counselor, who helps community members draft resumes, cover letters, and navigate the web for job searches

Workforce Development Working Group

Convened by Mayor Andy Berke, the Workforce Development Working Group brings together action oriented representatives of employers, training providers, workforce funders, and employees to facilitate collaboration towards a common goal: to grow employment and wealth for unemployed and underemployed adults in our community while ensuring businesses have the best teams from our neighborhoods. Our charge is to deliver fast, tangible wins for unemployed and underemployed adults in our community. Sign up above to get involved Facilitated by the Office of Mayor Andy Berke, the Working Group includes representatives of:
  • Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce
  • Chattanooga State Community College
  • Hamilton County
  • Chattanooga 2.0
  • IBEW Local 175
  • State of Tennessee, Veteran’s Support
  • Southeast Tennessee Development District
  • American Jobs Center
  • Tennessee College of Applied Technology
  • Youth and Family Development
This group was convened as an outgrowth of a year of community convenings facilitated by the National Resource Network’’s Jobs for the Future.

Connect with YFD's Career Development

Provides training and programming on employment and life skills, especially those being served by Youth and Family Development services. Dr Banks is here to assist you with developing employment tools and skills needed for growing a job.

Bridging the Gap: Affordable Housing and Workforce Development

The City of Chattanooga’s Workforce Work is firmly rooted in growing economic mobility for a diverse and resilient economy. Over 12,000 Chattanooga families are housing insecure, and we need rising incomes so that people can live the lives they want. The City won a competitive technical assistance grant from the National Resource Network to facilitate a year of community-engaged research.

Chattanooga Manufacturing Excellence Program (CMEP)

This is a 34-hour program designed to introduce you to the world of manufacturing in Chattanooga. Upon completion, you will have the basic skills and knowledge needed to secure employment in good-paying, manufacturing production positions. You will be introduced to manufacturing processes and production, life skills to be a successful manufacturing team member, where and how to apply for a manufacturing job in Chattanooga, and OSHA 10 safety certification. This program is free to qualified participants. Initial pilot funding generously provided by Volkswagen as part of their Neighborhood Talent Pipeline initiative.

As a City, our mission is to break down the barriers that prevent people from living the lives they want in our community. Promoting economic mobility through workforce development is a key part of that mission.

We will be a city that empowers Chattanoogans to build an equitable, authentic, and inclusive community through prosperity and a high quality of life.

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