Congratulations White Oak Mountain!

On December 13th, 2017, the White Oak Mountain Cohort graduated with their Peak Black Belt Training certificates! This was our fifth cohort to finish the program, and a great group to end our first year of Peak. Once again, we were joined by several outside organizations; it was wonderful to have people from the Syracuse government Innovation Team, the United Way, and Tennessee Valley Authority take part in our journey to master the tools and training required to become a Peak Black Belt.


We tell our Black Belt participants all the time that they are the ones who make Peak the success it has become. Without their continued engagement Peak would no longer exist, so we are super excited when folks step up to give back to Peak.  This is why we are so happy to have someone progress far enough on our ladder of engagement to teach a session during the Black Belt training. Racoon Mountain’s own Regina Partap taught the 6S section and did an amazing job! We look forward to having her and other past Peak participates jump in an teach sessions as well.

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