About Neighboroots

Every neighborhood has its own unique story to tell - a dynamic story created by its people, places, and events. Neighboroots is an initiative to help Chattanoogans recognize their neighborhood history through public art, performances, and historical markers. Anyone in Chattanooga can apply to receive a Neighboroots project in their community. A group of neighborhood leaders and historians will review and evaluate each application, recommend which projects receive funding, and assist applicants to implement their project. Residents can apply for one of three types of Neighboroots projects:

  1. Through Art in the Neighborhoods, the Public Art division celebrates and honors neighborhoods with artwork that reflects the distinctive spirit of its residents.
  2. Performance Arts grants will be distributed to Chattanoogans who wish to celebrate their neighborhoods’ culture and history through temporary performance art. 
  3. Historical markers will commemorate people, events or places that had an important impact on Chattanooga.

Stay up to Date with Neighboroots

For additional information contact Tyler Yount at 423.643.7811 or