Partnership in Animation and Community Enhancement Program


The Special Events & Programming Division's Partnership in Animation and Community Enhancement Program, or PACE, serves as a mechanism to increase activity in our community parks and open spaces by creating an equitable grant program that will cover the cost of park rentals for organizations that meet criteria set forth by the Special Events & Programming Division in correlation with other City departments. This program may be utilized in all City of Chattanooga parks, and may be considered in public streets. This program is for everyone. We are here to help you understand the special events process and this application process.

PACE was envisioned to streamline the process for recurring events that are in the best interest of the City and the public as well as to encourage new events for the city.

The PACE agreement is an agreement with innovative, professional and community organizations that will increase the quantity, quality, and diversity of programming in all City open spaces. It is designed to encourage ongoing and diverse programming of our public spaces through a streamlined, user-friendly process.

Partnerships are a unique opportunity to produce an event in a public park or right-of-way.

PACE agreements help expand resources for recreation opportunities, improve the way we deliver our services and programs, and enhance the amenities offered at our facilities.

Special Events & Programming Division partnerships are essential for making sure we care for, and promote, the value of our parks, streets and waterways.

Partnerships must support Chattanooga’s missions as well as the values of the Special Events & Programming Division. By partnering with Chattanooga's Special Events & Programming Division, you are helping to connect people to parks, conserving Chattanooga’s unique places, and providing needed benefits beyond park boundaries.

A full list of Chattanooga's amazing park spaces can be found HERE.

***NOTE*** The following parks are not eligible for PACE fee waivers:

Coolidge Park, Renaissance Park, Ross's Landing, and Chattanooga Green.


The Special Events & Programming Division has created a list of critical community needs and will be updating the list throughout this process. The list should be somewhat fluid to foster adaptability to community needs and desires, as well as ensure representation from every community in the various categories of event types chosen by the PACE Committee. The items listed below represent the current high priority areas that the Special Events & Programming Division is particularly interested in pursuing:
  • Programming promoting physical activity, education, and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Programming promoting a diverse and inclusive set of activities and venues including music, art, theater, and social well-being.
  • Investments and program services for special populations including veterans, immigrant and refugee populations, adults 65+ years, disabled children, youth and adults.
  • Community programming that celebrates Chattanooga’s unique character of people and neighborhoods while promoting civic pride.


STEP 1: Complete application form. The Activation Specialist is available to help applicants complete the application process.

STEP 2: Once your application is received, our PACE Selection Committee will review your application and determine if your event qualifies for scheduling and fee waiver. 

STEP 3: Following the evaluation the PACE, the Special Events & Programming Division will have three options: 1) Approval of the proposal; 2) Request additional information from the proposers; or 3) Reject the proposal.


Event producers are currently required to carry General Liability Insurance naming the City of Chattanooga as additionally insured with amounts determined on the size and scope of their event. The address listed on the insurance form must be as follows:

City of Chattanooga
101 E. 11th Street
Chattanooga,TN 37402



Applicants are not required to have experience. We want you to be successful and we will make ourselves available to help you in the application process.

Selected event producers may be required to attend a logistics meeting with the Special Events & Programming Division to help determine if there are any other permits or requirements deemed necessary for the event or program.

Additional permits needed might include, but are not limited to; Chattanooga Police Department and/or Chattanooga Fire Department presence, Street Closure requirements, Beer Board permit(s), Sound Amplification permit, and others. The OS-PACE program will not waive fees and permit processes outside of park rentals. Event producers will still be required to complete all required Parks agreements. 

This meeting is also intended to assist organizers with maneuvering through the multi-leveled event process, helping to ensure a safe and successful event, while also educating organizers in how to engage with City departments to encourage ongoing programming.


First, determine that your event is a free, open to the public event, and that it addresses one of the three needs identified in this process - Community Building, Arts & Culture, or Health & Wellness.

Next up, click the link below and begin filling out your application!

For any technical issues or questions, please call (423) 643-6884.