The COVID-19 Symptom Survey was created by the COVID-19 Joint Task Force Data & Analysis Committee to accomplish two goals: 

  1. To provide a tool for Hamilton County area residents to review symptoms commonly associated with COVID-19, especially if they or someone they are caring for, are feeling ill. 
  2. To provide an additional level of anonymized information, beyond coronavirus testing data, to local medical professionals, researchers, and decision-makers for review and analysis. This data will provide another view of the way the virus is potentially spreading in our community.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who created this survey?

This survey is a product of the work of the COVID-19 Joint Task Force Data & Analysis Committee. This Committee’s membership includes data scientists and other researchers and faculty from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, City of Chattanooga staff, health care professionals, and other data experts.  


What is the Task Force Data & Analysis Committee?

During a crisis having the most accurate, timely information possible is essential. When decision-makers have access to solid information, better decisions are made which can save lives. The purpose of the Data & Analysis Committee is to ensure the flow of pertinent information so decision-makers have access to the best available information in a timely manner. 

With a dedicated team working to gather, clean, and make sense of data about the crisis, critical information can be shared and considered. Often there are organizational, technical, and legal barriers to sharing information, however, the Data & Analysis Committee provides a trusted entity to break down these barriers and ensure the flow of life-saving information is made available to everyone on the COVID-19 Joint Task Force. 


What is the COVID-19 Symptom Survey for?

This survey is a guide to help you make decisions and seek appropriate medical care if you are concerned about symptoms you or someone you care for may be experiencing. 

Data collected from the survey is anonymized and will help the Data & Analysis Committee have an additional level of insight and understanding of how the coronavirus is potentially spreading in our community. 

Additionally, this data will allow the COVID-19 Joint Task Force members to make informed decisions and recommendations about how to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the Chattanooga and Hamilton County area. 


Who is the Survey for?

You! The survey will help you and those you are caring for reflect on symptoms and determine the best course of action depending on what symptoms are currently being experienced. 


Will this data be stored?

Yes. This information will be securely stored with the goal of using your location to determine if certain areas or populations are seeing higher rates of potential coronavirus infection. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab is acting as the trusted third party to store and access the data. The data will be stored on ESRI’s cloud servers and be accessible only by UTC’s Interdisciplinary Geospatial Technology Lab ESRI account. 


How will my information be used?

This anonymized data will assist decision-makers in determining where to target awareness and outreach campaigns and identify potential testing sites for COVID-19. 


Why is this important?

Our community's best defense to combat COVID-19 is prevention. Knowing where an outbreak may start helps us, as a community, target resources to the right organizations and efforts to assist and protect our neighbors and suppress further spread.


I may be exhibiting two or more COVID-19 symptoms. What should I do next? 

If you would like to get further help deciding what you should do next due to your symptoms you can fill out a very similar survey on Erlanger's website. Once on their website click on the COVID self-checker red button to get started. You can also call the Hamilton County Health Department hotline at (423) 209-8383.