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Making sense of COVID related data can be confusing. What does the daily numbers mean and how should you interpret them? The Harvard Global Health Initiative has provided a framework for understanding COVID risk and suggests targets for mitigating or suppressing outbreaks. The current COVID Risk Score and criteria are shown at the top of this section. The COVID Risk Score and below visuals all come from the data provided by Hamilton County Health Department. You can view additional visualsand download the data collected from the Health Departments website on this local COVID dashboard run by Jesse Houser.

On any given day the numbers can change quite dramatically from the previous day. How do you make sense of all this day to day changing? When looking at the data it is important to look at the overall trend of the day. Are the cases increasing or decreasing? How rapidly are cases increasing or decreasing? One way to help remove all the noise from the day to day change is to use the 7 day moving average. While it sounds complex it is fairly simple. The seven day moving average is just the average number of cases (total number of cases divided by the seven days) over the past seven days. Most of the visuals below use this approach to more clearly show the trend.

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