Peak Innovation Highlight

We have had ten innovations completed since the inception of the Chattanooga Peak Academy. As our way of honoring their outstanding work, here are the names of the Peak Graduates who have finished at least one innovation, followed by how many A3s they have completed.

  • Brendan Clearly – 1 – Updated the GIS system so that all of their work update comes from their work order management software.
  • Marcia Smith – 3 – Changed the phone directory to allow for calls to reach their final destination faster and eliminate errors, also switched over to an electronic form of document sharing.
  • Mark Smeltzer – 1 – Changed the way that the Chattanooga Police Department handled, meetings to make them shorter and more productive.
  • Regina Partap – 1 – Converted all the major documents used by her department into online forms and eliminated paper waste.
  • Sharon Martin – 1 – Organized the workspace to eliminate lost supplies.
  • Tyna Hector – 1 – Increased the time between the creation of new trainer schedules.
  • Santha Bone – 2 – Optimized the way that invoices are handled within her department.

These individuals have been the pioneers of the Peak Chattanooga program and are helping to drive innovation within our city government. We wish to draw special attention to the accomplishments of Marcia Smith; she is the first Peak Graduate to complete three A3s and qualify as a Peak Black Belt. Congratulations Peak Trainees and good luck in completing those A3s.

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