Apply for a Neighboroots Project

Applications are now open until September 6th!

Any resident of the City of Chattanooga can apply to receive a Neighboroots project in their neighborhood. All applicants should consider what historical aspect of their neighborhood they would like to recognize and how they would like it to be recognized - through public art, a performance, or a marker. In addition to a written application, each applicant also has the opportunity to present their project idea in-person. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of local leaders and historians based on their historical significance, feasibility, and impact. A certain number of projects will be funded during each application period based on availability of funds, and applications will re-open twice a year.



  • All projects must be outside of the downtown central business district
  • All projects must be on sites owned by the City of Chattanooga or City owned right-of-way
  • Neighborhoods will only be awarded one project per project type per calendar year

Art in Neighborhoods

Performance Grants

Historical Markers

Evaluation Criteria


For additional information contact Tyler Yount at 423.643.7811 or