You Are Peak

We have a saying here at the Chattanooga Peak Academy, "You Are Peak." This means that it is the people who go through the training that make Peak what it is. Without them and their hard work, Peak is just another training. The moment Peak stops being used and useful for city employees is the moment we will stop doing it.

Since the Chattanooga Peak Academy started with no budget, no staff no technology and no permission we have had to rely on the generosity and support of Peak participants. This is expressed in almost every aspect of the program, from our ladder of engagement, to how we get the word out about peak, to how we use accountabilabuddies from each cohort to support everyone's innovations, to even how snacks are handled.

A Giving Tradition

Traditions say a lot of about a people's values. In Peak a lovely new tradition has organically developed. Due to our lack of budget we can only provide snacks for day one of the five day Black Belt training. It is up to the Peak participants to bring snacks for the rest of the training. Two cohorts ago they pulled money to get a Publix gift card so we can buy day one snacks for the next cohort. I have the current gift card posted on my inbox just waiting for the next training and it gives me life every time I look at it.

The Peak Who Eats Together, Completes Together

Most recently two Peak Black Belt participants, Bonnie Mumpower and Kim Bridges, orchestrated a Peak Potluck completely on their own. Kim even put together this great slideshow of past Peak Black Belt training sessions to go with the lunch. In true Peak fashion, they have already identified waste into how long it took to organize and are working on testing other methods to get folks together. It was a great time to gather and share successes and failures and get re-energized about everyone's innovations.

Peak is People

So when we say "You Are Peak," it isn't just some motivational motto but an actual reality. Without our amazing Peak participants it wouldn't exist. The program continues and grows because of the success and dedication of those who go through the training.


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