Congratulations Raccoon Mountain!

On June 5th, 2017, the Raccoon Mountain Cohort graduated with their Peak Black Belt Training certificates! This was our third cohort to finish the program, and consisted of 19 people from a variety of governmental departments. An outside organization joined us as well; it was wonderful to have United Way participate in our journey to master the tools and training required to become a Peak Black Belt. In an astounding four days since the completion of our training for this cohort, our first A3 was completed. Regina Partap of the Chattanooga Economic and Community Development Department completed her A3, where she reduced the amount of paper used in the Environmental Review. This was done by converting over 400 pages of documents into digital only forms and then storing the lowered number of printouts in a centralized location. This innovation is predicted to save about $441.27 per year. Great Job Regina, and Good Luck Peak Participants!

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