TRACT 2: Small Strategies, Big Impact & Fundraising

AM Class:
CL161 Community Genius: Small Strategies for Big Neighborhood Impact
Looking for low-cost, simple programs that can change the neighborhood overnight? Look no more. In this workshop we’ll take a close look at the straightforward, uncomplicated way many communities around the country are going about improving their neighborhoods. It’s called Guerilla Urbanism- people getting together to leverage their limited resources and boundless creativity to come up with small actions that transform whole neighborhoods. We’ll learn about turning parking lots into community building spaces, pavement into plazas, opening streets up for children to play safely, sidewalk gardening, and many other fantastic ways to do more than you thought possible with less than you thought necessary.

PM Class:
CL168 Fundraising for Small Organizations
Small organizations are oftentimes the most strapped for resources. Whether it is money to do a project or pay staff, it seems that the smaller the organization the more difficult the fundraising effort. But it does not have to be so! In this workshop you’ll learn about specific approaches to identify the resources to get your work done, regardless of how small your organization is. The many facets of fundraising will be discussed as they pertain to small organizations. The workshop highlights how sometimes “small is beautiful” and how you may be in a better position to fundraise than you think – because you are small!