Reimagining Our Streets as Places

Temporary Loading Zone
Curb Lane Pedestrian Zone
Outdoor Expansion Zone

CDOT seeks to support restaurants and retail businesses through a recovery pilot program, SPROUTS, that will allow businesses to expand their footprints into the public right-of-way while waiving associated permit fees. Through SPROUTS, businesses can apply for a Temporary Loading Zone, for pick-up and delivery services, a Curb Lane Pedestrian Zone, to create wider sidewalks to provide pedestrians with room to access and lineup for services at a safe distance from other people, and finally an Outdoor Expansion Zone, that will temporarily allow businesses to expand their outdoor capacity to safely serve patrons.

All applicants are required to document that proper notification has been made to all businesses that are affected by any requested curb-side or street closures. Applicants will collect notification sign-offs using this petition or via email. Notification sign-offs must be submitted prior to the application being approved. For applicants who will be occupying the public right-of-way through the Outdoor Expansion Zone, a Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Chattanooga as an Additional Insured and listing this address: 101 E 11th Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402, will need to be submitted prior to their application being approved.

There are no application fees associated with the SPROUT Pilot Program. Once an application is approved, the applicant will be sent an approval letter and a Traffic Control Plan. The Traffic Control Plan will detail any traffic signs, barricades, or other traffic control devices required to safely operate in the public right-of-way. It is the applicant's responsibility to obtain, install, and remove the various traffic control devices required by the plan.

All open businesses should follow advice from public health experts by planning to manage social distancing for customers and employees, both inside and outside their businesses. Staff should wear face coverings; maintain proper hand hygiene; keep surfaces and objects clean; and find ways to limit contact between people. 

For questions related to:

  • Temporary Loading Zones, please call CDOT at 423-643-5950.
  • Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones, please contact CDOT's Shannon Mikus at:
  • Outdoor Expansion Zones or other uses of the street, please contact CDOT's Justin Strickland at:

The State recommends strict adherence to CDC and FDA guidelines, as well as the Universal Guidelines for All Businesses.

See Additional Resources for safe business practices guidelines, resources and FAQs.

Zone Considerations

Each location will have unique conditions that will be assessed carefully by the CDOT staff to develop the most appropriate solution. In some cases, staff may be able to suggest alternate line-up configurations to alleviate crowding concerns. In other cases, a temporary curb lane closure may be the most effective tool.  In some cases in which streets that are part of a larger street grid but are not primary through-streets for vehicular traffic, CDOT will consider full closure of certain blocks for expanded space for social distancing.

Resources for Restaurants

Resources for Retail

Additional city, county, and state resources, tools and programs are accessible on the City of Chattanooga’s COVID-19 support website or by calling the Small Business Assistance Hotline at (423) 206-2565.