Curb Lane Pedestrian Zone

Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones allow for businesses to utilize the street parking in front of and near their shop for additional pedestrian traffic while patrons may be waiting outside businesses in line. This allows for safe social distancing practices and helps continue the flow of foot traffic.

All open businesses should follow advice from public health experts by planning to manage physical distancing for customers and employees, both inside and outside their businesses. Staff should wear face coverings; maintain proper hand hygiene; keep surfaces and objects clean; and find ways to limit contact between people. See the resources below for your business. Additional resources are available on the City of Chattanooga COVID-19 Resources as well as under the Additional Resources tab.

Restaurants and other businesses that that are interested in a Curb Lane Pedestrian Zone can now apply by completing a Temporary Use Permit  Please note on the Temporary Use Permit that you are applying for a Curb Lane Pedestrian Zone and submit the permit application to Shannon Mikus at Each location will have unique conditions that will be assessed carefully by the CDOT staff to develop the most appropriate solution.

For questions related to Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones, contact CDOT's Shannon Mikus at

Resources for Restaurants

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