Workforce Development's mission is to get Chattanooga residents into high paying jobs by connecting them with the employment assistance, skills training, and education they need.

Who We Are

Under the leadership of Mayor Andy Berke, the City of Chattanooga’s Office of Economic & Community Development has been a key part of the revitalization of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial spirit. The Office of Workforce Development was created in 2018 within Economic & Community Development to specifically focus on Chattanooga’s workforce.

In the Office of Workforce Development, we believe that Chattanooga residents who want to work should be put to work. We are dedicated to helping these residents break down the barriers that might be keeping them from either employment or a higher paying job.

Chattanooga has tons of employers ranging from small businesses to corporate entities, and they all need skilled and educated employees to be successful. Together the Office of Workforce Development with these employers can find out how to best serve our Chattanooga community.

How We Got Started

In 2016, the National Resource Network Team prepared a report for Mayor Berke titled “Bridging the Gap: Affordable Housing and Workforce Development Strategies.” This report made it apparent that, though the city had made strides in the realm of economic and community development, there had been no specific focus on bringing Chattanooga’s workforce up to par.

Chattanooga has some of the highest income inequality in the nation; and, though our overall city unemployment rate was the lowest it had ever been at 3.6%, there were pockets of communities in Chattanooga with unemployment rates that we’d like to see come down. Our city is even experiencing a labor shortage: there aren’t enough qualified people to fill the amount of jobs that we have open.

Mayor Berke implemeted the Office of Workforce Development as a reinforcement to the Office of Economic & Community Development's ongoing work. Long term, we seek to lower the unemployment rates in some of our low income neighborhoods and to raise the overall income level in the city - person by person, job after job.

What We Do

Entities all over the city are creating Workforce Development projects such as skills training, HiSET courses, technology literacy, excellency certifications, employment assistance, and more. Some are non-profits, some are businesses and unions, and some are our own City Government offices. One primary function of the Office of Workforce Development is to bring the people working on these efforts together to keep each other updated on our progress, our setbacks, and our solutions.

Our office has also started several workforce development programs of our own. These programs have a specific focus on residents who have a specific barrier to finding employment, such as single mothers and ex-offenders. Our largest program, the Workforce Outreach program, is a door-to-door campaign that helps us discover what kind of help our residents need when looking for a job.


The Office of Workforce Development was created in 2018 to further Chattanooga's workforce by connecting residents to the resources they need for economic success. We believe that Chattanooga residents who want to work should be put to work, and we are dedicated to breaking down the barriers that might be keeping them from general employment or a higher paying job.



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