Nippon Paint (USA) Inc. Announces Chattanooga, Tennessee Employment/Hiring Opportunities

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Nippon Paint Automotive Americas (NPAA) is NOW accepting applications for the following employment/hiring opportunities. APPLY TODAY!


Chemical Operator (Electro-Coat)

Chemist (Electro-Coat)

Engineering & Maintenance Manager (E-Coat)

Logistics & Distribution Manager

Maintenance Mechanic

Milling Operator (Pre-Mixer)

Quality Control Technician (Electro-Coat)

Quality Chemist (Electro-Coat)

Resin Leadman

Shipping & Logistics Coordinator


*Additional position(s) may be posted or removed without further notice.


To view job descriptions, qualifications, and learn more about Nippon Paint Automotive Americas Chattanooga, TN employment opportunities, please visit their website link below and follow the prompts for Nippon Paint Automotive America career opportunities.


1. Visit Careers - Nippon Paint Automotive Americas

2. Click on the job title you are interested in, review all available job information, and apply for the position(s) you are interested in/qualified for.

3. Have questions? Contact the City of Chattanooga Office of Workforce Development at or Nippon Paint Automotive Americas at 1-800-323-3224.


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