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Black Belt training is a 5-day intensive class designed to train City employees to become process improvement leaders within their agencies. After the training, employees are expected to implement 3 innovation ideas.

This training is for you if you are tired of working in broken systems and want to get your hands dirty fixing stuff.


Learn More About Peak Academy

The Chattanooga Peak Academy is modeled off the highly successful Denver Peak Academy program. Peak is designed to give the very best tools from the private sector (lean manufacturing & six sigma for example) to the true experts in the city, those doing the day to day work of providing city services.

With these tools in hand city employees will be able to fix those problems that not only cause them the most headaches but also provide a fair share of headaches for citizens as well. Check out the video below to see how the Denver Department of Human Services were able to use what they learned in Peak to dramatically improve their own work processes and more importantly make improvements in the lives of their citizens.

Through Peak Academy You Will....

  • Map and see the whole picture of your systems and how they operate
  • Identify where waste is occurring in your systems
  • Use gap analysis tools to find solutions to the problems causing the waste in the system
  • Create a structured way to track and document your proposed innovations 
  • Have the tools to fix those problems you have control over that drive you and your customers crazy


To Apply for Black Belt Training:

  • Speak with your immediate supervisor to ensure that you can attend a 5-day training session.
  • Complete the Black Belt Training application form below.
  • A member of the Chattanooga Peak Academy team will contact you with available training dates to schedule your training.

For more information about Black Belt training, contact the Peak Academy at

Black Belt Training Materials

Click below to view training materials for Black Belt training. These are links to the google slides presentations used in the training and may change as updates are made to the slides.

Day 1
Slides Black Belt Training

Day 2
Slides Black Belt Training
Day 3
Slides Black Belt Training
Day 4
Slides Black Belt Training
Day 5
BB Day 5

Training Reference Guides

Peak Pics

About the Office

The Office of Open Data and Performance Management was established by Mayor Andy Berke in 2015 to run the City's open data and performance management program. The city collects a lot of data during its day to day operation. This office seeks to make use of that data to provide greater transparency and better service delivery for Chattanoogans.

The mission of the office is "To drive citizen-focused and data driven solutions that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the City's delivery of services."

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Office of Open Data and Performance Management

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